Oh God: If you give me money

Oh God: If you give me money, dont take away my happiness,
And if you give me strength dort take away my power to reason
If you give me success, dont take away my humility
If you give me my humility, dont take away my dignity,
Help me understand the other aspect of things,
Oh God: Dont let me get drunk by my success if I reach it, or fall in despair if I fail.
But remind me however that failure is the gateway to success.
Oh God: Teach me that tolerance is the highest degree of strength and that yearning for vengeance is the first sign of weakness.
On God: If you take away my wealth, leave me hope, and if you take away my success, leave me the will to overcome failure.
If you take away from me the gift of health, leave me the gift of faith.
Oh God: If I wronged somebody, give me the strength to ask forgiveness, and if somebody wronged me, give me the strength of forgiveness and clemency.
Oh God: Teach me to love others as I love myself, and to judge myself as I judge others.
Oh God: Help me to tell the truth in the presence of the strong and not to lie to bring applause of the weak.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

Mahatma Gandhi

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